Two Girls Talking

#31 - Du Jour Opinions

April 3, 2017
Abigail and Amanda are at it again! Besides the endless and popular Joke Life Moments, we #trypod it up and give some podcast recommendations. Show notes below. Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. You can find us online at
Podcasts Mentioned and/or Recommended:
Category: Mentioned Off Hand
This American Life (episode: “Testosterone”)
Reply All - Super Tech Support recurring segment
Category: Maybe Don’t Listen To
Sleep with Me
Category: Abigail’s So You Think You Want to Date Me
Hilarious World of Depression
Dear Sugar Radio
Category: Amanda’s Favorites
The Truth
The heart (episode: “Idiot and Dummy”)
Love and radio (episodes: “The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt” “A Girl of Ivory” “Hostile Planet”)