Two Girls Talking

#38 - Analog Snobbery

New episode drops.... now! The two girls talk about Magic Mike Live (and the major motion pictures!), The West Wing (spoilers!), and our latest FB group finds (hint: plants, jims, and more). Want to know which FB groups we're obsessing over this week? You'll have to join our very own FB group which is linked to on our website Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Mae Meyncke.

#37 - Six Coasts and a Single Engine

Abigail and Amanda are back! Talking kidneys, new jobs, and the role social media plays in body image. Special guest Graham joins to give an extra special gay perspective, and, of course, his joke life moment. You can find us online at where you can submit your joke life moment, write your feelings in the box, and join the new FB group! Two Girls Talking is Amanda Meyncke and Abigail M. Schilling.

#36 - Some Sort of Healthy In-Between

The two girls get real and talk bodies, weight gain, and the complications involved with the fact that other people can see our bodies. Everyone talks about boys! Abigail cries a bunch! Drama! Also: wine chat, book talk (Ann Patchett!), and Joke Life Moments. Previously, Abigail and Amanda discussed weight loss and their bodies in episode #11. Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. Find us online at where you can also join our FB group!

#35 - Sports or Reading?

Back to back to back segments this week with Abigail and Amanda on Two Girls Talking! We've got Currency Talk, This or That, Billboard Rage, and Amanda is in Iceland! Plus some Breyer horse updates and Joke Life Moments. Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. You can find us online at where we hope you submit your very own joke life moment.