Two Girls Talking

#30 - Write Your Feelings in This Box

The two (unwed and childless) girls are back with marriage and parenting advice! Plus, true crime, ice cream, and saucy tips. Two Girls Talking is Amanda Meyncke and Abigail M. Schilling. Find us online and write your feelings in the box at
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#29 - Superbloom, Super Sexy

Abigail and Amanda talk about things. Abigail's sick, it's super fun! Find us online at

#28 - We Live in a Different World

Abigail and Amanda are back again with some hardcore nostalgia for five dollar footlongs, Apple Trailers, and more. Plus Film Talk is back, and Billboard Rage, a recurring favorite. Show notes below. Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. Contact us online at

Show Notes:

TV & Movies mentioned:
Rachel Getting Married
The Notebook
Ella Enchanted
Save the Date
Made of Honor

Podcasts mentioned:
My Favorite Murder
Vox's The Weeds - AHCApalooza (March 8, 2017)
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#27 - Create A Story

This week on Two Girls Talking: we battle fake news, we are hot tech girls, we read some listener-submitted billboard rage, we share our joke life moments. Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. You can find us online at