Two Girls Talking

#18 - Costumes, Strip Clubs, and Candy

Mostly a Halloween ep, but there's not enough money (or candy) in the world to pay us to stay on topic. Learn how to eat a Twix the cool way, Young Amanda's crafts and obsessions, and This or That. We premiere a new segment: TV Talk Two Years Later and share another part of our lexicon: "eyes of compassion." Plus, a Halloween appropriate pun. Submit your Joke Life Moment at

#17 - Where’s Our Princes?

We mostly talk about assault, but try to keep things casual by also touching on the definition of irony, your favs are problematic, West Wings tangents, royalty ramblings, and oh, yeah, assault and sexual harassment. You know, locker room talk.

#16 - Treat Scavenger Hunt

Tacos, college athletes, statehood, and gas stations. As usual, we cover the messy, the mundane, and the matters of international importance. 
Food Show Notes:
(lots of pics on @pheribee on instagram)
Pok Pok, Portland, Ore.
Grain & Gristle - pickled veggies, Portland, Ore.
Pip’s Original Donuts, Portland, Ore. 
Piedmont Station Food Carts, Portland, Ore.
The Three Little Birds, Fort Jones, Calif.
Civil Coffee, Los Angeles, Calif.
Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles, Calif.
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