Two Girls Talking

#8 - Does Crushing Depression Count as a Joke Life Moment?

On this shamecast, we reflect on a week full of joke life moments. Also, what if you were a dude for a day, MILFs, a cat uses a Fitbit, and welcome to our listeners in Gabon! Happy Birthday, Amanda who is now 30 so our podcast bio is officially true. 

#7 - Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

Join us for the ride of a lifetime, covering everything from ostrich meat to bee venom masks, stoic philosophers to dream analysis, and how Facebook is truly the root of all. KateCast continues, the Golden State Warriors are doing A Playoffs Thing, and we don’t share our feelings about Beyonce’s new album. Is anyone else scared of recliners?? Or walking to the subway station? Send us your Joke Life Moments on our website at (Drink every time Abigail says, “Anyway.”)

#6 - I’m Not Indignant, I’m Embarrassed

In this very special episode we have THREE girls talking about the hard-hitting feminist topic of MAKE UP. We also dive deep into the world of bridal veils, how to flip omelettes, and changing watch batteries. RSVP to this road rage party. TFTI.

#5 - High Society and Robust Culture

Sense without sensibility, the perfect day, Bahrain, boxes of horses that smell like home, and discussing the casts of mainstream commercials. P.S. We're coming for you, Ira.