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#22B - B Sides: The Lives of People I Don’t Care About

Think we have enough new segments?? Well now we have B-Sides!!! The things we cut out, or get bored while recording, or interrupted, or don't have enough time to tell you the very whole story. Give us your feedback at 


#22 - TiaraCast is Happening

We get all kinds of history or mystery talking Netflix's new show The Crown. Also Billboard Rage and it's spin off segments, Gas Station Coffee with Walter, and yours and ours joke life moments. We are Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. Submit your Joke Life Moment online at 


#21 - We Read Books

We are Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. Email to purchase her book. You can find us online at


#20 - Make It Musical, Make It Interesting

Royal breeder news, thanksgiving food, tech talk, tv talk, cat lady talk, trailer talk, film talk. We’re all over the place. Plus a new segment: Graham Again. This episode drops... NOW!
Show Notes:
Trailer Talk
@malimish on instagram
@pheribee on instagram
#homeiswhereyouparkit on instagram 
TV Talk
The Office
Man Seeking Woman
West World
Holiday Baking Challenge 
Film Talk
La La land
Punch Drunk Love
Big Daddy 
Boogie Nights
Pretty Woman
Beverly Hills Cop
Homecoming (Gimlet Media)
Sword and Scale, #79 and #80
Battleship Pretension
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#19 - Grand Marshals of the Parade

We give you the RULES OF LIFE plus: Kissing Corner, Hitchhiker Lectures, Feedback about our Feedback AND SO MUCH MORE. Hit us up online at 


#18 - Costumes, Strip Clubs, and Candy

Mostly a Halloween ep, but there's not enough money (or candy) in the world to pay us to stay on topic. Learn how to eat a Twix the cool way, Young Amanda's crafts and obsessions, and This or That. We premiere a new segment: TV Talk Two Years Later and share another part of our lexicon: "eyes of compassion." Plus, a Halloween appropriate pun. Submit your Joke Life Moment at


#17 - Where’s Our Princes?

We mostly talk about assault, but try to keep things casual by also touching on the definition of irony, your favs are problematic, West Wings tangents, royalty ramblings, and oh, yeah, assault and sexual harassment. You know, locker room talk.


#16 - Treat Scavenger Hunt

Tacos, college athletes, statehood, and gas stations. As usual, we cover the messy, the mundane, and the matters of international importance. 
Food Show Notes:
(lots of pics on @pheribee on instagram)
Pok Pok, Portland, Ore.
Grain & Gristle - pickled veggies, Portland, Ore.
Pip’s Original Donuts, Portland, Ore. 
Piedmont Station Food Carts, Portland, Ore.
The Three Little Birds, Fort Jones, Calif.
Civil Coffee, Los Angeles, Calif.
Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles, Calif.
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#15 - The 24/7 Fight Starter

Some light, short fare to finish out your week and month with text messages from the dead, the persona(s) we put forth on Facebook, Donut Talk, Billboard Rage, and APP CHAT where searching “sticker chart” yields promising results. 
Show Notes:
Food: Dunkin Donuts 
Movements: #billboardrage @amae
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#14 - Be a Big Girl and Own That Shame

So many new segments! Shop Talk, Film Talk, Yes/Yes, and some old standbys too like History or Mystery and Joke Life Moments. We skim (pun!!) some food news, share some more podcast host impressions (PJ, we love you), and give you a very whitewashed Hawaiian history lesson. And show notes, because you know you want them:
Planet Money - #555 Why is the Milk in the Back of the Store? (September 21, 2016) 
Battleship Pretension - #496 Top 25 Actresses with Amanda Mae Meyncke (September 18, 2016)
Reply All - #72 Dead is Paul (August 4, 2016)
Reply All - #76 Lost in a Cab (September 8, 2016)
Michael Pollan - The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Rules (2006)
Augusten Burroughs - Running with Scissors (2002), Dry (2003)
Jonathan Safran Foer - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2005), Everything is Illuminated (2002)
Andrew Doughty - Oahu Revealed: The Ultimate Guide to Honolulu, Waikiki, and beyond! (2012) 
Articles & Websites:
Boner Party - Conversations with Natalie Portman - no longer available online, sorry! 😔
Lena Dunam - Emails Project - actually by Miranda July, called We Think Alone, and no longer available online! However, if you google around you can find excerpts. - you know you want to.
Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Jane Gotta Gun (2016) 
Everything is Illuminated (2005)
Closer (2004)
Lava (2014) 
Sidecar Doughnuts - LA/OC, California -
Volcano Shakes - Honolulu, Hawaii -
Leonard’s Malasades - Oahu, Hawaii -
Saint Benoit Creamery - available at many stores -
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