Two Girls Talking

#25 - No, Me Fine.

Abigail and Amanda talk ice cream, Oakland, healthcare in Trump’s America (thanks, Obama), and there is a surprisingly high mention of cash registers. Also some shit-talking about kids and a rare brag life moment. Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. You can find us online at

#24 - It’s French for All the Time

A special guest host joins us as we weave and bob thru Billboard Rage, Joshua Tree Myths and Stories, and, as always, JOKE LIFE MOMENTS. Find us online at P.S. Abigail says sorry for all the coughing.


#23 - You’re Getting Gold, Galen!

We celebrate our new best friend's birth with star charts, moon charts, and embarassing tales. Submit your joke life moments at Two Girls Talking is Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke.


#22B - B Sides: The Lives of People I Don’t Care About

Think we have enough new segments?? Well now we have B-Sides!!! The things we cut out, or get bored while recording, or interrupted, or don't have enough time to tell you the very whole story. Give us your feedback at 


#22 - TiaraCast is Happening

We get all kinds of history or mystery talking Netflix's new show The Crown. Also Billboard Rage and it's spin off segments, Gas Station Coffee with Walter, and yours and ours joke life moments. We are Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. Submit your Joke Life Moment online at 


#21 - We Read Books

We are Abigail M. Schilling and Amanda Meyncke. Email to purchase her book. You can find us online at


#20 - Make It Musical, Make It Interesting

Royal breeder news, thanksgiving food, tech talk, tv talk, cat lady talk, trailer talk, film talk. We’re all over the place. Plus a new segment: Graham Again. This episode drops... NOW!
Show Notes:
Trailer Talk
@malimish on instagram
@pheribee on instagram
#homeiswhereyouparkit on instagram 
TV Talk
The Office
Man Seeking Woman
West World
Holiday Baking Challenge 
Film Talk
La La land
Punch Drunk Love
Big Daddy 
Boogie Nights
Pretty Woman
Beverly Hills Cop
Homecoming (Gimlet Media)
Sword and Scale, #79 and #80
Battleship Pretension
Heap your praises at

#19 - Grand Marshals of the Parade

We give you the RULES OF LIFE plus: Kissing Corner, Hitchhiker Lectures, Feedback about our Feedback AND SO MUCH MORE. Hit us up online at 


#18 - Costumes, Strip Clubs, and Candy

Mostly a Halloween ep, but there's not enough money (or candy) in the world to pay us to stay on topic. Learn how to eat a Twix the cool way, Young Amanda's crafts and obsessions, and This or That. We premiere a new segment: TV Talk Two Years Later and share another part of our lexicon: "eyes of compassion." Plus, a Halloween appropriate pun. Submit your Joke Life Moment at


#17 - Where’s Our Princes?

We mostly talk about assault, but try to keep things casual by also touching on the definition of irony, your favs are problematic, West Wings tangents, royalty ramblings, and oh, yeah, assault and sexual harassment. You know, locker room talk.